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Vail Resorts Announces it Will Not Continue Purchase of Wind Credits

Today, Vail Resorts said that concurrent with its announcement of its leadership role in the Hayman Restoration Partnership, the company would not be renewing its three-year commitment to purchase wind energy offset credits.  “Our Company is very proud of the leadership stance we took on alternative energy and climate change in August of 2006.  We are very pleased to see all of the progress that has followed us both in terms of new corporate commitments to clean energy and the political progress our country has made on climate change. As a company, we remain committed to addressing climate change and are focused on energy conservation across our company. However, going forward, we intend to channel our efforts on more comprehensive projects, which help protect the climate and also offer habitat and watershed benefits to local communities, such as the Hayman Restoration Project,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vail Resorts Rob Katz.

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