20 March 2018

Does Vail Really have SEVEN Legendary Back Bowls?

Something doesn’t add up! Who’s counting anyhow? Vail’s big claim to fame is that it has 7, count them, seven back bowls. I’m here to tell you, I have skied every trail on Vail and it is just not true….. Vail has EIGHT! Walk through the evidence with me. I don’t know what the logic ...
13 March 2018

Introducing Emma, the World’s First Digital Mountain Assistant

Who is Emma? Emma is your Epic Mountain Assistant. She is the world’s first digital mountain assistant, and has the passion and first-hand experience guests would expect from someone who’s lived and worked in the mountains her entire life. She knows the resorts like the back of her glove — and can’t wait to put ...
12 March 2018

Pink Vail Pays it Forward

One-Day Event Helps Cancer Patients Survive and Thrive All Year Long Two decades ago, Eagle County singer-songwriter, Pat Hamilton, lost a friend to breast cancer. Pat wrote a song about it, called “Waves of Sorrow,� focusing on the support group of women that surrounded, supported and took care of their friend in need. Twenty years ...
27 February 2018

96 hours to book your perfect getaway

With less than 96 Hours left, save up to 40% off on lodging with the 96-Hour Sale in Vail! With over 4 ft of snow in the past month, we would like to share our excitement with you! Whether you’re planning a snowy weekend getaway or a week-long vacation with your whole family, discover premium ...
19 February 2018

Can you give me a lift?

Skiing in one form or another dates back 5000 years. What transformed skiing from a means of hunting and survival, to an amazing winter sport was the development of the ski lift; a vehicle to take us mere humans back up the hill without having to be desperate for our next meal, or be in ...
13 February 2018

Celebrating Henry’s Legacy

10 years ago Henry became the first Vail Avalanche Rescue Dog. Although he is now unofficially retired, his legacy continues on. This is Henry’s story.
05 February 2018

Spring Skiing in Vail

Sun-filled days, endless blue skies and temperatures that make you feel spoiled—spring skiing in Vail is an experience all its own. The snow is soft, the vibe is laid-back and the après scene takes on a new energy. If winter skiing is all you’ve known, get ready to enjoy the mountain in a whole new way ...
04 February 2018

Go Slow and Go With the Flow

Our Mountain Safety team spends a lot of time monitoring skiers and riders on our 12 runs designated as Slow Zones. We stop and talk to a lot of people, giving compliments to safe skiers and riders, and correction when we see something unsafe. The question we get asked the most is: how slow is slow, and what’s too ...
30 January 2018

Latest Terrain Openings January 30

VAIL, Colo. – Jan. 30, 2018 –It’s the perfect day to explore the additional 100 acres of terrain we opened bringing our terrain total to 4,782 acres.  Vail Mountain has had a very exciting January with terrain openings including: the Back Bowls and Blue Sky Basin.  In addition to the  4,782 acres accessible to skiers ...
27 January 2018

Vail Mountain Slow Zones

  Vail has about 350 acres of Slow Zones—just 12 out of our 195 runs. As a percentage of the total skiable area, slow zones represent 6% of all the maintained terrain, and about 4% of all the overall inbounds terrain. That means that on the other 95% of the mountain, you can ski in ...