In order to film on Whistler Blackcomb, you must have permission from the public relations department.

This resort only accepts applications to create editorial film and television shows, mainstream news and multimedia magazine stories, and endemic stories. We also do work with influencers, but require each crew to be insured and approved by public relations.

Whistler Blackcomb is no longer a commercial shoot location. We only provide a location backdrop for our partner brands. No other commercial work is done on the mountain, although several locations throughout the valley happily accept proposals. Your best contacts are Christa Vandeberg, at the Resort Municipality of Whistler, and Tourism Whistler.

If you would like to propose a shoot, please email Jennifer Smith,, at least one month prior to arrival. All shoots must have:
  • $10 million in General Liability Insurance
  • A signed Location Agreement with a shot list, run-of-show for the day of filming and arrangements for mountain staff who will escort you on your film shoot
Things to know:
  • The mountain does not charge location fees, however we are also not a movie set. We agree to work with projects that fit the workability, goals and brand of our company/mountain, and for those large-scale productions we do select, we are an option for a scene, not a full movie.
  • A public relations representative must be with all shoots at all times.
  • Shoots may be asked to pay for additional supports, such as a patrol representative to follow the shoot and act as First Aid.
  • The mountain will review your plan thoroughly with our Safety Department, stipulating where you can and cannot shoot, and these requests must be respected while on hill.
  • The mountain typically supports shoots which are one to two-days in length, and will provide all necessary supports--ie. tickets, skis, etc.
If you are filming professionally, ie planning to publish the work for a commercial product, it is up to you to contact public relations. We do not allow news or film crews onto the hill without consent.

For the most up-to-date photo and video assets, please contact a communications representative to receive a direct link to our photo and video library.